Gas Logs

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A great option to use with your gas fireplace is the Ceramic Gas Fireplace Logs. These types of logs come in a special kit with everything you need to turn your wood fireplace in a modern gas fireplace.

All of our fireplace logs are handmade! They come in different styles, sizes, and colors and they emulate wood in such a way that you won’t even tell the difference, so if you’re looking for an alternative to use on your gas fireplace that is beautiful as well as practical, this option is the best!

18″ Oak Log set – 6-Logs.$589.00
24″ Oak Log set – 7-Logs.$639.00
30″ Oak Log set – 10-Logs.$739.00 (Custom Special Order)

18″ Wild Fire Log Set – 9-Logs.$679.00
24″ Wild Fire Log Set – 15-Logs.$789.00
30″ Wild Fire Log Set – 18-Logs.$1,137.00
48″ Wild Fire Log Set – CustomPlease Call for Pricing.

18″ Black Forest Log Set – 5-Logs.$639.00
24″ Black Forest Log Set – 7-Logs.$779.00
30″ Black Forest Log Set – 10- Logs.$879.00 (Custom Special Order)
48″ WildFire Log Set – CustomPlease Call for Pricing.

18″ Driftwood set – 5-Logs.$950.00
24″ Driftwood set- 7-Logs.$1250.00

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