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If you decided to upgrade your wood burning fireplace into a gas fireplace but, are not sure if you’re choosing the right one for your home, keep on reading.

While keeping your house cozy and warm it’s important, selecting the right Set of Gas Logs is crucial in order to make the best out of your investment and keep your loved ones safe from any hazard.

Keep in mind the following questions that will help you to select the perfect set of gas logs for your needs:


What type of fireplace you own?

Even when a gas fireplace can be vented or vent-free, you should consider the advantages that each one is going to have on your new gas log installation. Since most of the most common vent-free fireplaces are for burning wood. You must to make sure that it has previously had a gas installation. Also, in both cases you must take the safety measurements so you don’t have any issues that might put your health in danger.


What is your fireplace enclosure size?

Knowing the size of your fireplace will ensure not only  to choose the right Gas Log Set that fit within your firebox enclosure, but to secure the gas valve (therefor the fireplace functionality) and maintain the safeness in your home. Perhaps you might think that bigger logs will look better, however this is one of the main reasons of Gas Logs failure. Taking a moment to measure your fireplace will definitely save you from future headaches.


What safety measures should I take?

Although gas fireplaces are normally safe, being precocious never hurt anybody. Although the gas fireplace doesn’t increase the carbon monoxide in your house, venting your home is one of the most common safety measures for any gas appliances you have at home. Also, having a safe ignition option (such as a remove control pilot assembly) would be convenient to automate the ignition process. Also make sure to leave at least three feet between the fireplace and any flammable objects.


At the Fireplace Door Guy we offer a vast catalog where you can pick the best Gas Logs Sets that fit your style and needs. Contact us for more information.